North West Construction Best Practice Club Network


There are currently four Construction Best Practice Clubs operating

in the North West, in the following regions;

- Manchester

- Liverpool 

- Lancashire 

- Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral

A Construction Best Practice Club is a local support network created to promote continuous improvement within the construction industry. It offers the opportunity for an informal group of forward thinking, innovative people to share knowledge in order to improve their performance and ultimately, their business.

Each Club usually holds an event approx. once per month, either visiting a local site of interest or by inviting industry speakers to address the most current topics within construction.

Please see the Events list for examples of future and past events.


Who can attend? 

Anyone can attend the events, who is associated with the construction industry - from the client/owner of a building, to the design team, main and specialist contractors, house builders and materials manufacturers and suppliers.

The events are aimed at those committed to improving performance.


To locate a club in your area, visit the Best Practice Club Pages.


How is the Network supported?

Each Best Practice Club has its own Steering Committee for guidance and direction. The clubs rely on support from both public and private sector as well as membership fee income.


The Centre for Construction Innovation (as the leading regional body for Constructing Excellence in the North West) provides both financial and administrative support to the Club Network.


We currently have no upcoming events.