Bid Coaching

Value procurement is the way that most public bodies now tender their construction and construction services work . How does this impinge on your current and future workload? Do you understand what your Clients are looking for when they ask you to tender on a best value basis? Do you have the technical ability to win best value bids? CCI have developed in-house training that will help you answer these questions and enable you to build up your capacity to understand and deliver best value to your Clients. Our Bid Coaching training is bespoke and tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. We start by using our Diagnostic Tool to find out where your organisations strengths and weaknesses with regard to value procurement and what specific new knowledge is needed to enable you to win future work. A specific training plan is developed to allow your company learn and develop your bidding skills.

For further details contact one of our sector specific bid coaching trainers.

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Are you a north west based small or medium sized company?. You may be eligible for free or subsidised bid coaching services. Visit our Funded Support Page or contact