Environmental Assessment

The environmental performance of the buildings we live in and use every day is an important issue to us all as the problems of increasing fuel costs, climate change and global warming continue to grab the headlines.

Our buildings account for approximately 50% of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions. Under our obligations to the Kyoto Protocol (1997) the UK government has committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 80% compared with 1990 levels, therefore, our current and proposed building stock represents a prime opportunity for combating climate change. The environmental assessment of our buildings and infrastructure is an increasingly important way of ensuring that we go some way to achieving these obligations. In the UK the most common assessment methods are:

  • BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method)
  • Code for Sustainable Homes
  • CEEQUAL (Civil Engineering Environment Quality Assessment and Award Scheme)

At CCI we have a range of partners and associates who can assist with environmental assessments. For further information please visit our additional pages or contact Roy Stewart for initial guidance.