Equality & Diversity


CCI developed a Sustainable Buildings Equality and Diversity Guidance Note for the former NWDA (North West Development Agency) which outlined the central issues and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to meet Equality and Diversity (E&D) requirements for all new build and refurbishment capital projects worth over £500,000.

The Guidance Note was written in response to the Equality Act  which placed a greater demand from government on its capital schemes and incorporated a requirement for increased commercial transparency and promotion of E&D in all areas of public procurement and public partnerships.  Further duties, after its main provisions in October 2010, include; the integration of the public sector Equality Duty, Socio-economic duty and dual discrimination protection from April 2011; a ban on age discrimination in the provision of goods, services, facilities, services and public functions from 2012 and both private and voluntary sector gender pay transparency regulations (if deemed required) alongside political parties needing to proactively publish diversity data from 2013.


The main document (authored by CCI) provides information which includes the key British Standards, Regulations, policies and practices and puts forward Case Studies of Best Practice in the areas of: 


·         Accessibility

·         Inclusive Design and Community Engagement

·         Workforce under-representation

·         Employment and Training



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Relevant Documents

The Equality and Diversity Guidance Note was written to supplement the existing NWDA Sustainable Buildings Policy. Access to their document is located here