Value Procurement

How we can help.

In 1998, the Construction Task Force, led by Sir John Egan, produced the 'Rethinking Construction' report. It was commissioned as part of the Government's effort to improve the quality and efficiency of the service provided by the industry to its clients.

CCI was formed to both develop and implement the findings of Rethinking Construction. Through  'Value Procurement' both quality and efficiency can be improved. Over ten years CCI have developed an award winning Procurement Team blending industry expertise with the latest research and innovations. At the heart of our procurement service is a full understanding of legislation, mandatory provisions and industry guidance. This robust approach to delivery ensures compliance for our clients as well as offering the opportunity to drive sustainable and efficient value based solutions. CCI work closely with our clients through all three stages of procurement delivery.

Pre-Procurement Services

Options Appraisal, Demand Analysis, Supply Analysis, Strategic Planning Advice, Market Engagement and Support

Procurement Services

OJEU Compliant Processes, Value Planning, Document Production, Gateway Review, Audit Assurance, Benchmarking Strategies

Post Procurement Services

Framework Management, Framework Management Mentoring/ Training, Peer Review, Efficiency Verification, Exit Reports.