Call for Innovations | The Living Lattice - Franshion's Sustainable Building Exhibition Centre

24 May 2013

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Purpose of this document

The Building Research Establishment (BRE), working on behalf of Franshion Properties (China) Limited is seeking suppliers and partners to contribute innovative and sustainable technologies for the Living Lattice – Franshion’s Sustainable Building Exhibition Centre in Changsha, Hunan Province, PRC.

A short questionnaire is the first stage in selecting technologies to be included in the Living Lattice Project.

Successful organisations will be invited to take part in a workshop with the client and design team. This workshop will select the innovative solutions that will help realise the innovative vision for the project.

Background Information

Franshion Properties (China) Limited is a flagship enterprise of Sinochem Corporation, a multinational corporation that is ranked among the “Global Fortune 500” for 20 times. Franshion’s strategy for developing sustainable buildings and cities is seen as one of the most important features of the company and it has already developed a strong record of sustainable buildings and low carbon developments.

Franshion was founded in 2004 as the real estate branch of the Sinochem, a Fortune 500 company, that was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2007. Its total assets are valued at over HK$72 billion. In 2012 its revenue was 15 billion RMB. It developed and owns the Jinmao Tower, at one time the tallest building in China. Franshion is currently building 4 million m2 and operating 400,000 m2 of high end properties, including 6 of China’s most prestigious hotels.

The Meixi Lake Eco-City

Changsha the capital of Hunan Province in central China is pursuing a particularly ambitious scheme on the banks of the nearby Meixi Lake.

The development of the Meixi Lake eco-city is funded and implemented by Franshion, and the master plan that has been developed for the Meixi Lake Eco-City places sustainability at its centre. It is one of eight new eco-cities in China and will be an exemplar of eco-city development. It will represent over 60 billion RMB investment, 14.8 million m2 and will have an expected population of 320,000.

The Meixi Lake scheme is set around a man-made lake and offers large tracts of public open space, good transport connects to the central business district and airports and pedestrian and cycle links to nearby amenities. The master plan also takes a rigorous approach to water quality management and the implementation of city wide grey water recovery system and surface water filtration systems to reduce the impact of the development of the nearby Xiang River.

The Living Lattice

The Living Lattice - Franshion’s Sustainable Building Exhibition Centre will be an exemplar of sustainability and low carbon construction in one of the largest Eco Cities proposed by the Chinese Government. The proposals for this unique building will need to take account of the emerging changes in Chinese sustainability standards and be an outstanding example under BREEAM. The location within the R&D zone will make this one of the most strategic and scrutinised on the development.

The building will operate in an efficient manner and be eye-catching and visionary in its execution. The building will be there not only to set new standards in design and procurement, but also as a hub for innovation and knowledge of new and emerging technology for low carbon construction. Therefore the building itself should be able to communicate excellence to a wide ranging audience from school children through to diplomats and academics.

BRE is leading the supply chain engagement. The project is being managed by EcoIntel, architectural design is being provided by Fielden Clegg Bradley, M&E design by Atelier 10, landscape design by Wilder Associates and exhibition design by Thomas Matthews. Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science (SRIBS) will take the project through to detailed design.

Call for Technologies and Innovations

This competition seeks innovative technologies and innovations to incorporate into the building in order to realise the vision for the project. The aspirations for the project are high.

The project should reflect Franshion’s leadership in delivering high-quality, sustainable and profitable buildings. It should reflect Franshion’s desire to showcase its sustainability credentials and also test innovative technologies that can be incorporated into its future projects.

As a learning resource for Franshion, the Meixi Lake Eco-City and the wider industry, it is expected to demonstrate both the use of innovative and cost efficient materials and products with minimal environmental impact and efficiency in the construction process. The project is seeking technologies from Franshion’s existing supply chain, Chinese suppliers and international supply chain partners.

Technical/Sustainability Principles

The solutions for the Meixi Lake Exhibition Centre should consider the following sustainability principles:

––High energy efficiency

––High quality indoor environment including:

–– Thermal comfort

––Acoustic performance


––Air quality

––High level of water efficiency use

––Consideration of the life cycle impacts of the materials used

–– Consideration of the efficiency of the construction process including product installation efficiency, labour efficiency and waste minimisation.

Overview of the Process

This questionnaire is the first stage in identifying organisations with the right technologies and innovations and the capacity to supply the Living Lattice project. The process will involve assessment by Franshion, BRE and the design team members to find robust solutions that can be incorporated into the project. An outline of the key dates in this process and other key delivery dates is provided below.

Please submit separate questionnaires for multiple technologies.


1. Launch of PQQ 10 May 2013

2. PQQ online briefing and Q&A 31 May 2013

3. Supply Chain Workshop in Beijing 5 June 2013

4. Closing date for return of PQQ 21 June 2013

5. Assessment workshop at BRE, Watford 28 June 2013

6. Notify applicants of first stage of assessment 12 July 2013

7. Selected companies invited to complete due diligence documents 26 July 2013

8. Handover to Franshion’s contract team 9 August 2013

Completed forms must be received by 12:00 (noon) Friday 21 June 2013

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