Intelligent clients, intelligent suppliers - Annual Convention of the Constructing Excellence movement

02 December 2011

The Annual Convention of the Constructing Excellence movement was held at the Brewery in central London on Friday 25 November 2011.

The 100 attendees brought together all those associated with the work of Constructing Excellence, whether as National Members, members of the CCG (Construction Clients' Group), Generation for Change (G4C) or any of the 41 local Constructing Excellence Clubs, Constructing Excellence delivery partners, or those involved with any of the nine regional centres.

Speakers came from all those constituent parts to review and discuss what makes an intelligent client, and what constitutes an intelligent response to this, which a particular emphasis on sustainable low carbon solutions.

The afternoon involved review, discussion, feedback and our usual e-voting led by Constructing Excellence Chief Executive Don Ward.


For more on the convention including presentation slides click here