University of Salford Launch OpenBIM LearningXchange

25 July 2012

The University of Salford recently launched its OpenBIM Leaning Xchange at MediaCity UK, Salford. The Open BIM Learning Xchange has been established to work with the UK Government & construction industries (AECOO) to catalyse the transformation required and facilitate updated and new business models, organizational structures and operating principles that draw on collaboration through the use of Open BIM, increasing quality and value and reducing cost and waste.

The OpenBIM LearningXchange is a strong collaboration between industrial and academic institutions.

BIM is a rapidly evolving area and many of the innovations are taking place in industry, so working together and exchanging experiences and best practices is the way we can speed up the adoption of BIM and improve the quality and productivity in our industry.

The OpenBIM LearningXchange has been formed with a small group of companies who the University have been working with, but they now want to expand the group – there are no formal requirements or financial commitments at this stage, but the University is looking for companies and individuals who want to contribute their time and expertise in the activities of the Xchange.

For more information about the launch event click here