Partnering Advisors

Partnering forms of contract are recommended by government to reduce disputes often associated with adversarial business practices. Use of both the NEC forms and PPC forms of contract have been recommended by the Office of Government Commerce. These forms offer a more proactive methodology to construction works and seek to encourage the parties to work as a team.


These ‘partnering’ forms of contract encompass new terminologies, systems and processes which are different to traditional contracts. CCI provide advice, mentoring and coaching for construction professionals working towards the successful delivery of ‘partnering’ projects.

The PPC form of contract requires the introduction of a ‘Partnering Advisor’. The appointment follows the guidelines set out by the Construction Industry Council (CIC). The advisor assists in the development of the Partnering Team as well as ensuring the partnering terms are understood and implemented.

For more details and advice upon partnering forms of contract contact our resident partnering advisor