Sustainable Construction

Encouraging sustainable construction helps to ensure that the significant investments that the region makes in construction and physical development generate the maximum economic, social and environmental benefits.

The built environment is one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions (according to Defra statistics, housing accounts for around 27% of UK emissions and non-domestic buildings account for nearly 20% - in total nearly 50% of all emissions). Sustainable construction practices can have a major impact in cutting carbon emissions, as well as contributing to other environmental priorities such as water efficiency, waste reduction and enhancement of natural habitats.

Sustainable construction practices also provide opportunities for local employment and skills, economic inclusion, health, education, local community and neighbourhood benefits.

It is recognised that meeting the higher standards may have some initial cost implications for the projects to which they apply. Additional costs will depend on site conditions, scale and market conditions all of which affect the actual cost out-turn of a project. However, evidence from studies by Cyril Sweett for Building Research Establishment (BRE), English Partnerships and the Housing Association now Homes and communities Agency show that the additional costs are modest. Some sustainability features will be cost neutral or cost beneficial for developers (e.g. waste minimisation and energy efficiency), while others may increase costs between 3% and 7%. Studies by estate agents show that additional costs of up to 10% can be recouped through a rent or purchase premium.

Adopting higher building performance standards earlier than legislative requirements provides regional businesses with national and international market opportunities. Sustainable construction practices also frequently represent financial best value, by reducing lifetime costs of building maintenance, energy and occupancy.

CCI offer organisations the opportunity to be part of the regions sustainable future by offering advice on imbedding such practices into their businesses: from establishing managment systems and sustainability policies and through to measuring the savings made.  CCI offer training, support and access to guidance documents on all all the sustainability issues facing businesses today.  


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