Value Procurement

Post Procurement

Framework Efficiencies

Once your framework is lawfully in place it must begin to deliver the efficiencies required by your organisation. Initial savings upon procurement costs will accrue as you begin a four year period free of single action tendering. However, procurement savings alone may not be enough to deliver comprehensive savings. CCI assist clients recognise, implement and measure efficiencies across a range of topics both economic, social and environmental.

Framework Review Services

CCI will undertake independent reviews of the performance of frameworks and bespoke projects. These review provide clients with specific recommendations as well as providing a Academic based third party audit of performance, delivery and efficiency. The CCI review model follows the recommendations of the National Audit Office, HM Treasury and Office of Government Commerce.


Framework Management Services

CCI offer a comprehensive range of framework management services ranging from single workshops through to fully auditable delivery of framework goals. One of the specific and highly successful services provided by CCI is framework manager mentoring and training. Specifically designed programmes for professionals and technical staff have been delivered across a number of local authorities and social housing clients

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