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The Centre for Construction Innovation has been providing Value Procurement Services to the Built Environment Sector for the last ten years.

In 1999 'Compulsory Competitive Tendering' was made unlawful. Tendering upon 'Best Value' terms was demanded of all direct and indirectly publicly funded projects. CCI began advising public sector clients upon 'Best Value' in 2000 helping them develop a greater understanding of what supply chains can offer in terms of economic, environmental and social added value. Over the last decade CCI have helped clients develop key aspects of 'Value' key to there function. These 'Value Drivers' can be captured within a procurement process and form the additional characteristics to compliment both 'capability and capacity' to form the most 'economically advantageous' and efficient procurement solution.

CCI offer Pre-Procurement Services including option appraisal, supply side analysis and strategic procurement advice. During the Procurement Stage we guide our clients through EU compliance, OGC guidance (including the Gateway Process) and National Audit Office recommendations. Our aim is to provide a fully auditable procurement path which provides our client with strong value based solutions. Post Procurement CCI work with clients to mentor framework management, deliver benchmarking systems and advise upon mini market competitions. CCI will also undertake independent reviews of framework activities to ascertain 'value for money' is being achieved.

Best value has driven considerable 'efficiencies' in the public sector which has led CCI to work with many private sector clients wishing to take advantage of best value solutions.

At the core of our service is the desire to 'upskill' our clients to deliver framework services independently, thus improving 'in-house' skills to rise to the challenge.

CCI Client Base. 

  • Over 70 Local Authorities
  • Four of the seven Regional Development Agencies
  • Numerous Government Departments including OGC, DBerr and HCA.
  • Over 50 Large UK based Contractors
  • Numerous Professional Consultancies (Architecture, Surveying, Enginnering) 
  • Over 3000 SME's
  • Over 500 Consultancy Practices
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Overseas Governments


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