Domino – The Mother of All Board Games


The game of dominoes is a tile-based family of games. The pieces are rectangular and marked with a number of spots on each end. The aim of the game is to build up your score by matching as many pieces as possible. The game is fun and addictive. It is also known as “the mother of all board games.”


The basic rules of domino are similar to those of chess. The object is to build a line of dominoes from the center outward, and the player who has the highest number of pip positions wins. There are many variations of the game. As you may have guessed, you can play with four or more players.

The first player plays the game by placing his chosen tile on the playing surface face-up. The player who follows must join the tiles together to form a chain. The doubles that are joined at the middle count only once, but there are some variants that allow players to add extra tiles to their chains.


There are many variations of domino, each with their own rules. The standard game involves two players playing seven tiles. They score points when their tile matches a tile from their opponent’s set. Other variations involve using five-up tiles or a spinner tile. Still others feature single-color tiles, and they even allow branches to appear in different colors.

Origins of the game vary across cultures. The game is thought to have originated in Venice during the Venetian Carnival. Its name derives from the word domino, which means “white mask” in Latin. It has developed into numerous variants, including the Texas 42, the Fives and Threes, and the Matador.


There is some debate on the origins of the domino game. Some historians believe the game was first played in China, but others say the game originated in Europe and spread across the Americas. The earliest known set of dominoes was found in the tomb of Tutankhamen, who ruled the 18th dynasty in Egypt in 1355 BC.

The Origins of Domino comic book series centers around the story of a mutant boy named Domino. The story starts in the eighteenth century, when a government project to create super soldiers was abandoned. After being abandoned by the government, Domino grew up in a Chicago priest’s home, where he was raised by a priest. Over time, his powers grew, and he eventually became a hero.


Scoring domino is a complex process that requires following a set of rules. It is both fun and challenging, and it can be a great way to build collaboration between players. Scores are kept on a central server that enforces access controls, detects conflicts, and serves results over the web.

A complete set of dominos contains 28 tiles. The tiles are listed in a vertical or horizontal fashion and have a naming pattern. These patterns can vary, but usually the tiles have a double-six or double-blank character.